Kerry’s story “The NovoTHOR saved my life”

We understand that sharing your story of chronic pain can be a very vulnerable thing to do so when clients open up to us we are extremely grateful. Kerry has been a long term patient of Laser Pain Management, she has always voiced her gratitude towards Dr. Khan and how her treatments have benefited her and her life. We approached Kerry to share her story and she was over the moon to be involved in promoting laser treatments for chronic pain. 

Kerry’s pain started with a spinal cord injury then developed into other complex injuries. Within a number of years Kerry had gone from a typical able bodied woman to completely debilitated from her pain. Her injuries prevented movement in her left arm which prevented her from completing day to day tasks. 

“I felt crippled. I was in agony.” 

Things that she once took for granted were now impossible tasks, Kerry could no longer wash her own hair or hold a washing basket. This level of pain was isolating and robbed Kerry of her independence. Prior to coming to see us, Kerry was taking multiple strong painkillers up to three times a day. A doctor had mentioned laser pain treatment to her and she immediately was intrigued. 

“At that point I was in pain everyday, I had nothing to lose.” 

Initially, Kerry had tried Dr. Khan’s hand held laser treatment for a year or so. However it wasn’t until she had tried the NovoTHOR laser bed that she really noticed a change. The NovoTHOR bed worked so well for Kerry because her pain is so complex and felt in many areas in the body.  By utilizing the laser bed in Kerry’s case, her whole body was treated for pain and inflammation in one session. 

“After a few sessions my pain was a lot more tolerable, I was able to cut the heavy pain killers and manage my pain with just Panadol.” 

After including The NovoTHOR in Kerry’s treatment plan for her pain, she was able to experience a level of independence she hadn’t in years. When I asked how the laser treatments have improved her quality of life, she spoke with such gratitude. 

“I can wash my own hair again, that may seem small but it is SO nice” 

Kerry shared that she can do most general housework now which was something she once took for granted. She shared with us how freeing it is to do these small things and not wince in pain. Granted, Kerry is still prone to flare ups in her pain so she spaces out her daily duties. 

“My pain is less of a stress now, I know when I have a flare I can just come get a treatment and get the relief I need”

The freedom behind that can be so impactful in someone’s life. No longer having to plan your life around your pain. Being able to care for yourself and regain that independence that pain once robbed. Kerry was so open in sharing her story and really highlighted just how much pain can affect every aspect of your life. Pain does not just exist in a physical sense, when it impacts your function of life the pain very quickly becomes mental as well.  

“Laser Pain Management saved my life, and I don’t say that lightly”. 


We give many thanks to Kerry for sharing her story. 

If you would like to book in for a NovoTHOR and see if we can help you in a similar way  we did for Kerry. 

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