Laser Pain Management: A Drug Free Alternative

Pain can have a huge impact on your day and often keeps you from what you really want to be doing. Whether it be mild or chronic pain, it can feel impossible at times to get a form of relief that doesn’t come with a long list of side effects. Laser Pain Management is an FDA approved drug-free pain management alternative that acts to target and relieve pain at the source. Treatment options offered can come from a whole body perspective or a more direct approach. 


Living with ongoing pain can affect your physical and mental well being as well as your overall quality of life. A common first instinct when we are in pain is to source for pain medication from a GP, while this can be a quick and easy solution it isn’t a proper long term treatment. By treating recurring pain with prescription painkillers used to essentially ignore the pain and cover it by interfering with chemical signals. Additionally, using prescription painkillers as an ongoing treatment can run the risk of developing dependency and even addiction to these medications. 


What makes Laser Pain Management different is that by utilising red light therapy to activate the body’s biochemical reactions it increases the rate of repair and rejuvenation in joints and muscles. Having isolated pain in one joint or muscle can overwork and put strain on other parts of your body. While most treatment options target just the point of pain, The NovoTHOR is a redlight therapy bed that goes one step further by treating the whole body for pain and discomfort. This painless alternative is highly recommended for those seeking freedom from recurring pain without the need for invasive surgical or pharmaceutical interventions. Treatment sessions are flexible in hours and only take fifteen minutes for noticeable results from head to toe.


“After just three treatments I was pain free for the first time in seven years” – Eryn, NZ. 


The healing effects of laser therapy also include improved sleep and reducing stress. Being clinically proven to maximise recovery from muscle fatigue, laser pain management is recommended for athletes after an intense workout, big game or exercise fatigue. Laser pain Management can also assist in treatment for conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), migraines and other painful chronic conditions. Using red light technology as a source of self care and relaxation can be useful for anyone struggling with the stress load of day to day life. 


Book in for your first appointment with our laser pain specialist Dr Faisal Khan, located in Cameron Park to create a personalised treatment plan perfectly suited for you and your individual pain experience.

March 8, 2022 Blog
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