Whole-body Photobiomodulation

NovoTHOR is a light therapy device for the whole body that makes use of red and near-infrared light in order to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase the circulation of blood. The therapy is known as photobiomodulation or PBM.


Drugs interfere with the chemical signals in the body and reduce pain whereas NovoTHOR actually treats the source of the pain, and thus relieves muscular and joint pain.


NovoTHOR enhances the performance of your muscles, and thus improves the effectiveness of your workout or helps you reach levels that you’ve never reached before.


May it be an injury or a workout, NovoTHOR helps in the redevelopment of muscles, relaxation of muscles, and improves the blood circulation in muscles, which helps you get back on your feet, quickly.


NovoTHOR provides treatment for the whole body, right from your head to your toes, all in one go in no more than 15 minutes. It’s relaxing and make you feel much better than before.

Science. Not magic.

500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies have been carried out for PBM. Many researchers, hospitals, and governmental bodies such as US Congress and the UN consider NovoTHOR as a subject matter expert.

Numbers Are a Proof of Our SuccessWHY ARE WE SPECIAL?

We treat the whole body as a whole system and not just a part and help you reach your goal. We treat even the smallest of problems so that you can carry on with your activities without hinderance.

4000Laboratory Studies
13Systematic Reviews
500Human Trials
5Stars Comfort


Enhancement of strength, endurance, and recovery which is used by champion athletes such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier Division Soccer, and Olympic teams.

Who We Are?

Our team comprises of members that re highly qualified and highly experienced. They have extensive knowledge when it comes to laser light treatment. You will get a thorough guidance by them right from your initial consultation to the completion of the process and even thereafter.

About Us

What We Do?

It is a light therapy that makes use of lasers or LEDs for the improvement of tissue repair, reduction of pain and inflammation not only wherever the beam is applied but also to diffuse in the surrounding tissues.

Our services

What We Offer?

We offer whole-body laser light treatment that helps relieve injuries and pain at a much faster rate as compared to drugs. The entire treatment is completed in not more than 15 minutes.

Conditions we treat


Don't merely cover pain up. Rather target the source and relieve it.


NovoTHOR is designed and manufactured to comply with international Medical Device and GMP standards. NovoTHOR is a Class II Medical Device and is listed with the FDA (learn about what the FDA approves and listed devices). We also publish a full list of standards that the NovoTHOR is compliant with.

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