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Our Clinic Services

Whole Body Laser Therapy

The NovoTHOR is a systemthat is used for delivering PBM Therapy which has been designed to give wavelengths, power densities,….

Low Level Laser Therapy

It is a light therapy that makes use of lasers or LEDs for the improvement of tissue repair, reduction of pain inflammation not only …..

Healing effects of LLLT

Anti-Inflammatory,  Recovery from Muscle Fatigue,  Improved Sleep, Less Stress & Depression, Pain relief…..

Patient Education

Understanding the true causes of your pain and the pain syndrome is often not paid heed to, but are very important for recovery…..

Salient Uses

Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis Pain, Nerve Pain, Migraine……

Medical Acupuncture

We strongly emphasize that medical acupuncture is totally different from dry needling which is commonly found with other…..